If your name is not on a list below, you have been released to the "C" division.  Notification of dates and times for evaluations have been  posted to the website.  Your name will be added to a group shortly.


First Name Last Name Position
Austin Crawford Forward
Blake Thebault Defense
Charlie MacKinnon Forward
Colby Johnston Defense
Cooper Grant Forward
Hayden Sheen Goaltender
Jaxon Simms Defense
Jay Carrigan Forward
Joe Metivier Forward
Joseph MacMullen Goaltender
Logan Aitken Defense
Magnus Nordine Forward
Max MacDonald Forward
Scarlette Turner Defense
William Starkey Forward
Xavier Lamorre Forward
Zachary Fillmore Defense


First Name Last Name Position
Austin Rutledge Forward
Cameron Buelow Forward
Daniel Armat Defense
Dexter Alexander Forward
Ethan Youden Forward
Grayson Keeping Forward
Griffin Malloy Forward
Hayden Burke Defense
Henry Szego Goaltender
Hudsen Anderson Forward
Jackson Hamood Forward
Jacob McNair Forward
Jake Aucoin Defense
Kenzie Joseph Defense
Luc Boutilier Goaltender
Rory Canning Defense
Sam Wilkie Defense


The balancicng game has been scheduled for tomorrow evening, Wednesday, Oct 11th at 5:15 pm on Fountain Ice.

First Name Last Name Position
Annik Foley Defense
Asa Lightwood Defense
Asher Anderson Forward
Avery Bell Defense
Bentley Beaumier Forward
Beric Moore Goaltender
Blake Doucette Forward
Cameron Kelly Defense
Carson Turner Defense
Cash Sinclair Forward
Colby Wadden Forward
Colby Muise Forward
Daniel Adams Forward
Ethan Chase Forward
Everett Kelly Forward
Grayson Hiltz Defense
Gregory MacLeod Goaltender
Isabel Doucet Forward
Jack Richardson Defense
Joel Wilson Defense
Landon Kohn Forward
Luca Mason Goaltender
Luke Brine Goaltender
Malcolm Smith Forward
Mathieu Griffiths Defense
Maxwell Bishop Forward
Nathan Allison Forward
Niam Sudharsan Forward
Noah Walker Forward
Owen Lapointe Defense
Riley Innes Forward
Rowan Patterson Defense
William Sansom Defense
William Ramia Forward